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The comprehensive guidance and counseling program is designed to address the needs of all students by facilitating theiracademic, personal/social, and career development as well as create a positive and safe learning environment throughout the school. The program also assists students as they face issues and resolve problems that may be affecting their healthy development in those areas.

Weekly guidance lessons are presented to all classes and cover a variety of topics designed to help the students to succeed academically and personally/socially. At the elementary level, I also help students understand how the skills they learn in these two areas can help them in their careers later on. As often as possible, I try to show students how the various topics we cover in Counseling are all linked together in all three areas.

In addition to classroom guidance, the counseling program is designed to deliver responsive services to students through individual and/or small group counseling. At the beginning of the school year, I explain to students that I am able to help them talk about and work through personal issues that may be bothering them. I also collaborate closely with teachers and parents to help ensure that students are receiving the services that best fit their needs.

Brochures are available to explain the guidance and counseling program more in-depth. If you are interested in a brochure or have any questions/concerns, please contact me at [email protected] or(573) 243-5271.

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